This is a walkthrough guide for the visual novel No, Thank You!!!. This is just a basic guide, meant to give you a roadmap to the major endings if you get stuck. Exclusively following this guide will not result in 100% completion of the game. This guide shouldn't contain any spoilers aside from which (general) path choices will take you down. The sex-scene related choices are completely irrelevant to routing so they have not been included in this guide. As a general note regarding 100% completion: you'll probably need to run through each route twice to get every scene (take advantage of skip + pause on unread text feature). Some additional scenes are accessible through scene replay though and viewing them there (vs. during a playthrough) will count toward overall game completion.
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"I'll go with Hiroshi"
"I'll go with Hiroshi!"
"Tell Hiroyuki I'm feeling uneasy"
"Go home with Hiroshi"
"I wanna go too!"
"Go to the office"
"I'm going with Hiroshi!"Hiroyuki End 1 (Bad End)
Hiroyuki End 2 (Bad End)
Hiroyuki End 3 (True End)


"What about Maki-chan?"
"I'll go with Maki-chan!"
"Tell Maki I'm feeling uneasy"
"I'll help Maki-chan out"
"I wanna go too!"
"Go to the kitchen"
Maki End 1 (Bad End)I'm going with Maki-chan!
Maki End 2 (Bad End)
Maki End 3 (True End)


"How about the old man?"
"I'll go with you, Pops!"
(Any option)
"Tell Kouichi I'm feeling uneasy"
"I'll wait for Pops"
"Do as I'm told"
"Go to the office"
"I wanna have fun with Pops"Kouichi End 1 (Bad End)
Kouichi End 2 (Bad End)
Kouichi End 3 (True End)


"Ryu will do"
"I'll go with Ryu!"
"Tell Ryu I'm feeling uneasy"
"What about Ryu..."
"Do as I'm told"
"Stay here"
"I'm going with Ryu!"
Ryu End 1 (Bad End)
Ryu End 2 (Bad End)
Ryu End 3 (True End)